Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hatapalooza and Birth Stones

Hey Jammers! Volume 078 of the Jamaa Journal is now out! In this update, there are lots of hats and the winners of the animal costume are finally announced!

The all new hat shops are now scattered throughout Jamaa! These shops include all kinds of hats and some may even be rare! Be sure to check the hat shop to see if any rare hats decide to make an appearance.

The winners of the Animal costume contest have finally been announced! You can view the winners' costumes through the Jamaa Central gallery.

In Epic Wonders, there are now a variety of birthstones you can purchase! For each month that passes by, there'll be a different type of precious stone that represent each month available! You can also buy a neat (I guess they're also very big) Birthstone Display, where you can place each birthstone on the shelves.

There is now a new contest called the hat contest! All entries are due by January the 30th, so get those entries in as you can!

These are the items available for purchase in the hat shops! A freedom hat, clown hat, leprechaun hat, lion hat and the phantom hat!

Last but not least, AJHQ has announced another winner of the News Crew! Congratulations to Magical Fierypaw!
ROAR! A big cat is any of the large members of the cat family, including the lion, tiger, Leopard, jaguar, snow leopard, clouded leopard, cheetah, and cougar.
Big cats live in different habitats depending on where their adapted to. Sadly, every day they are losing their Habitats to “Deforestation”; the clearing of trees in forests. Most big cats are even endangered! Around the world, most of them are endangered because of human activities. Roughly 80 percent of the big cats are considered vulnerable, Endangered, or critically endangered. However, human activities and deforestation aren’t the only causes for their Endangerment.
Global warming can also affect the big cat’€™s numbers. Snow leopards are used to the cold climates, so when global warming causes the temperature to rise, the Snow Leopards have to move to a colder area. If the Snow Leopards aren’t suited for their new environment, it will be hard for them to find food; and their species could become vulnerably endangered. Additionally, poachers hunt big cats for their fur. Many of these majestic big cats are killed, and their numbers become dangerously low.
The WCS (Wild Life Conservation Society) is working to protect the big cats, and their habitats all around the world! Cause an up-roar, and help save big cats today, you can make a difference!
-Magical Fierypaw

Happy Jamming, Jammers!

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